Everyone who signs up before 5, August 2023 will go in the draw to win a free copy of author and psychologist Dr. Amy Silver’s award-winning book, The Loudest Guest: How to change and control your relationship with fear. No purchase necessary to enter draw.

The Loudest Guest is a guide to reducing fear and taking control of your life. When fear looms as the loudest guest in your mind, it dominates your thoughts and controls your choices. Dr. Silver believes that if you reduce the control that fear has on you, you take back control of your life. Fear is merely a guest in your mind, albeit a noisy one, and you are the host. In The Loudest Guest, you will learn the six essential steps to calm your fear so you can run your best life. This book is for you if you: * are prone to worrying or over-thinking * desire to do something new but feel you shouldn’t or would fail * talk yourself down, either out loud or in your head * know there’s a gap between what you’re doing and what you could * do if you had more courage * spend too much time thinking about what people think of you * are too ‘in your head’, full of doubt, regret or indecision. In this easy-to-read, practical book you’ll learn to quieten your fear voice so you can be a more powerful version of yourself.

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